Paving New Roads to Recovery

Why Choose Lux?

  • Full time employees on staff.
  • Weekly random drug tests
  • Credit repair services for qualified tenants*
  • Short and long term goal setting and accountability meetings.
  • Positive and uplifting weekly gatherings.
  • Comprehensive CRM system to stay connected to all treatment centers and councelors.
  • Live and up to date vacancy reporting and notifications.
  • All tenant applications are reviewed and contacted within 24 hours by staff.

"Our Goal is to remove residents from destructive living environments that encourages substance abuse which can derail recovery even for the most dedicated individuals. We at Lux Residence are here to help with your transition to a sober living environment.

Our Lux Homes were created for clients to reside and create a new social support system in treatment. We strongly encourage attendance of self-help groups and recovery programs. Our residents are required to be compliant with house rules set forth by Lux Residence such as paying weekly rent, house chores and maintaining a positive environment.

We look forward to scheduling a personal tour for you and your loved ones at one of our locations. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have."

Want to sell or lease a property ? Call Us At: 732-215-8683